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Concrete Pump Boom Elbow

The Concrete Pump Boom Elbow is made of special quality steel which is quenched and carried out carburizing chemical treatment on the inner wall.

The hardness of the flanged bushings can reach 58-60 degrees and the serving life of pipeline can increase 3-5 times,which enables users to save time and cost, enhancing the production efficiency.

Concrete Pump elbowConcrete Pump elbowsConcrete Pump Elbows

Material: High Manganese casted such as ST52,37Mn5,45Mn2

Wall Thickness: 2mm to 10mm or more

Working Capacity: 25000-35000cbm

Part of Specifications of the Concrete Pump Boom Elbow :
Outside DiameterRadiusWall Thickness
133mm90R   1000mm4.5mm
133mm60R   1000mm4.5mm
133mm45R   1000mm4.5mm
133mm30R   1000mm4.5mm
133mm15R   1000mm4.5mm
133mm90R    500mm4.5mm
133mm60R    500mm4.5mm
133mm45R    500mm4.5mm
133mm30R    500mm4.5mm
133mm15R    500mm4.5mm
140mm90R   1000mm6mm
140mm60R   1000mm6mm
140mm45R   1000mm6mm
140mm30R   1000mm6mm
140mm15R    500mm6mm
140mm90R    500mm6mm
140mm60R    500mm6mm
140mm45R    500mm6mm
140mm30R    500mm6mm
140mm15R    500mm6mm
159mm90R    500mm6mm
159mm60R    500mm6mm
159mm45R    500mm6mm
159mm30R    500mm6mm
159mm15R    500mm6mm

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