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Spiral submerged arc welding

Spiral submerged arc welding as raw material is often warm extrusion molding, automatic double -sided wire submerged arc welding process.

The process is normally limited to the flat or horizontal-fillet welding positions (although horizontal groove position welds have been done with a special arrangement to support the flux).

Spiral submerged arc welding process performance:

(1) raw materials that strip, wire, flux. Must go through rigorous testing before being put into the physical and chemical.
(2) strip head and tail docking, using single or double wire submerged arc welding, in rolled steel by automatic submerged arc welding.
(3) Before molding, the strip after flattening, cutting, trimming, planing, surface cleaning and transportation to the curved edge treatment. 
(4) the use of electrical contacts on both sides of the conveyor control the pressure cylinder pressure to ensure the smooth delivery of the strip. 
(5) the use of internal or external control roll forming. 
(6) the weld gap control device to ensure that the weld gap to meet the welding requirements, diameter, volume and the wrong side of the weld gap have been strictly controlled. 
(7) the welding and soldering are used outside the United States Lincoln welding machine for single or double wire submerged arc welding, to obtain stable welding specifications. 
(8) After welding the weld line continuous ultrasonic injury checked to ensure 100% coverage of non-destructive testing of spiral weld. If defective, automatic alarm and spraying tags, production workers so adjusting the process parameters, and remove defects. 
(9) the use of air plasma cutting machine to cut a single tube. 
(10) cut into a single pipe, the first three of each batch of steel to carry out strict inspection system, inspection of weld mechanical properties, chemical composition, fusion status, steel surface quality and after NDT inspection to ensure that the process pipe after passing to formally put into production. 
(11) there is a continuous sonic flaw marks the site of the weld, manual ultrasonic and X-ray review, if there are defects after repair again after destructive testing until confirmation defect has been eliminated. 
(12) strip on the spiral weld seam and intersects with D-type connector where the pipe all through the X -ray television or film examination. 
(13) each pipe hydrostatic test pressure radial seal. Test pressure steel pipe pressure and time by computer testing device strictly controlled. Test parameters are automatically printed record. 
(14) pipe end machining, so that the end vertical, blunt edge bevel and accurate control.

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