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ASTM A78/A178M

Standard Specification for Electric-Resistance-Welded Carbon Steel and Carbon-Manganese Steel Boiler and Superheater Tubes


ASTM 178, Grade D Heat Exchanger Tube


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ASTM 178, Grade D Heat Exchanger Tube with plain end


ASTM A178 standard referes to electric-resistance-welded tubes with minimum-wall-thickness. Materials are carbon steel and carbon-manganese steel, ASTM A178 pipe and tube is to be used in boiler tubes, boiler flues, superheater flues and safe ends.

Steel Grades A (low-carbon steel), C (medium-carbon steel), or D (carbon-manganese steel). Manufacturing processes must include heat treatment, welding after cooling. Crush test shall be performed if required by customer.

TABLE 1 Chemical Requirements:

Element %Grade AGrade CGrade D
Low carbon steelMedium Carbon SteelManganess Steel
C0.06-0.180.35 Max0.27 Max
Mn0.27-0.630.80 Max1.00-1.50
Si......0.10 Min.

Chemical Composition

The steel shall conform to the requirements as to chemical composition prescribed in Table 1.

When a grade is ordered under this specification, sup- plying an alloy grade that specifically requires the addition of any element other than those listed in Table 1 is not permitted.

Product Analysis

1. When requested on the purchase order, a product analy- sis shall be made by the manufacturer or supplier from one tube per 100 pieces for sizes over 3 in. [76.2 mm] and one tube per 250 pieces for sizes 3 in. [76.2 mm] and under; or when tubes are identified by heat, one tube per heat shall be analyzed. The chemical composition thus determined shall conform to the requirements specified.

2. If the original test for product analysis fails, retests of two additional lengths of flat-rolled stock or tubes shall be made. Both retests, for the elements in question, shall meet the requirements of the specification; otherwise all remaining material in the heat or lot (Note 2) shall be rejected or, at the option of the producer, each length of flat-rolled stock or tube may be individually tested for acceptance. Lengths of flat- rolled stock or tubes which do not meet the requirements of the specifications shall be rejected.

NOTE 2—A lot consists of 250 tubes for sizes 3 in. [76.2 mm] and under and of 100 tubes for sizes over 3 in. [76.2 mm], prior to cutting to length.

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