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Difference between galvanized mild steel and galvanized iron

Mild steel pipes and is one of the low carbon steel pipes with low carbon content and the lesser hardness.

In general, iron contains a certain amount of carbon because of the process. mild steel has a certain small range of carbon to provide greater hardness than if there is too little or too much carbon.

Galvanization is a process that coats iron or steel with a zinc layer that protects it from corrosion while the zinc lasts. Pure iron (no carbon) is very ductile and cast iron (considerable carbon is brittle).

Mild steel is much stronger that plain iron, plain iron is not commonly used, steel is iron with carbon in it, mild steel has other alloys in it as well like maganese, silcon, copper, the higher the carbon content, the stronger it gets (usually heat treated).

Galvanized means it's coated with zinc to prevent corrosion (rust). The zinc becomes the sacraficial anode. What happens instead of orange rust is a white powder - lasts for long time.

Manufacturing Process:

These basic input for galvanized mild steel tube manufacturing is continuous strip of Hot rolled (H.R) low mild steel of specific width. The strip is subjected to continuous gradual forming to a circular shape in the forming section of the mill. The edges converge to give an open seam and a high frequency induction coil heats up the strip edges which are simultaneously pressed together to complete the forge-welding of the seam. The tubes thus formed and welded pass through the sizing section where dimensional deviations are corrected before the tubes are cut to required lengths by a fast and accurate "Flying Saw".

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